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A little bit about Daniel Sheppard.

Daniel is a 36 year old pool player who directs commercials in his free time.

Born in the US, he’s lived in 6 states, 7 countries and his car. His “hometown” is a little hard to identify though he spent the longest time in LA. He’s got an advertising background where he had 4 great years working at agencies before moving on to production full time. He is the founder of the Dannes Lions, a semi-real, one-time award show that celebrates comedy in advertising and his own affinity for surreal, stylized and often quirkier flavors of humor. He speaks 3 languages, all of them poorly, and loves to move around– living in different cities, countries and continents. “Not all who wander are lost”, but Daniel actually is. His GPS is broken. Please help.

He’s got 14+ years of experience and has worked for dozens of ad agencies and counting. Here’s a quick quote from a recent client:

“Sorry, Daniel, we’re a little too busy right now. E-mail us later.